Lectures, impulse evenings, workshops

for kindergartens, schools, parishes, etc.

To support your work with parents, you can choose from the following topics:

  • Lovingly setting boundaries for children
  • Active listening miracle cure - how it works, how it works
  • Parents as leaders: non-violent, but not powerless
  • Education for responsibility - for the world of tomorrow
  • Cheeky and unruly - dealing with child provocations
  • Helping children get on the jumps - Promote motivation and independence
  • When children argue - jealousy and rivalries
  • Enlightenment - Kind fair, promoting development, conscious of values
  • Addiction Prevention - What Parents Should Know
  • Father's soul alone - why fathers are so important to children
  • Children of divorce - dealing with children in crisis situations
  • or your special desired topic

Duration about 2 hours

Cost: € 350 per event
Discounts of up to 50% are possible, depending on funding needs


In co-operation with
Parents' workshop - an association in the service of children, parents and teachers