• Mother of 4 adults Children and two stepchildren
  • Mag.phil .: subject combination French, psychology, ethnology, (Paris)
  • Qualified life and social advisor, author, communication trainer, coach
  • Systemic counseling for children, adolescents and their parents
  • "Mother" of the ABC parents' license
  • Column writer and books on the subject of education

Focus of work

  • Upbringing, partnership, family
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Advice, lectures, seminars
  • "ABC Parent Driving License®" concept protected by copyright since 2003
  • "ABC-Babyführerschein®" concept protected by copyright since 2013
  • Parenting and family counseling in the event of separation / divorce, too
    Section 95 (1) and Section 107 (3) no. 1 AusStrG.


Born on June 30.6.1952th, 1956 in Hungary, my path led to Austria in 1973, from 1982 to 1976 to Paris, where I studied Romance Studies (“Lettres Modernes”) at the Université Paris III from XNUMX, combining subjects with psychology and ethnology (Université Paris VII). (Mag.phil., nostrified at the University of Vienna).

After 20 years of professional experience in business as a foreign language correspondent, executive assistant and export clerk, I completed my training as a certified Life and social counselor at WIFI Vienna, education in training and coaching as well as the course for "systemic psychotherapy and counseling for children and young people and their parents" (VPA Vienna). I am a mother of 1991 grown children and 1993 stepchildren and a grandmother of 4 grandchildren.
From 1999 my column “Education is (k)ein Kinderspiel” appeared in various Austrian regional newspapers. Books, Seminar- and Lecturing.

1999 Founding of the parent workshop association. Since 2003, the seminar concept I have designed ABC parent driving license® protected by copyright. In February 2013, with two colleagues, the ABC baby driver's license© for parents-to-be and young parents.

2005 along with Michaela Harrer: can Further education to cert. Parents 'trainer with a focus on ABC parents' driving license For people from the psychological-pedagogical professional environment who are active as parent trainers or who want to bring the pedagogical-didactic basics and skills of this very practice-oriented further education into their daily parenting work. In 2013 Michaela Harrer handed this task over to Veronika Lippert and Andreas Keckeis, who enriched the concept with new facets and designed further training and further education.
All current information at: www.elternwerkstatt.at

On December 31.12.2016, XNUMX, I handed over my work on the board and in further education to the association Elternwerkstatt and I am still active as a franchise partner.

Recognition from the Ministry of Family Affairs (BMFJ) as an educational and family counselor in the event of separation/divorce, also in accordance with Section 95 Paragraph 1 and Section 107 Paragraph 3 Z 1 AussStrG.

My current focus is spreading my parenting tips as a blog via social media.

My daily morning exercise

For over 30 years I have been taking 10 minutes a day. I do each exercise 10 times. I can only recommend this.
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CV, more details

Mag. Maria Neuberger-Schmidt
  • born on June 30.6.1952th, XNUMX in Mosonszentjános / Hungary
  • Austrian Citizenship, in Austria since 1956
  • divorced, 4 adult children (born 1978, 80, 84, 85)


  • Handelsakademie, HAK Vienna 1, Matura 1971
  • Study of "Lettres Modernes", Ethnology, Psychology, Univ. Paris III (Nouvelle Sorbonne) and VII, 1976-1982 - Nostrified Mag.phil. : Romance Studies with a combination of subjects, University of Vienna
  • Export clerk, vocational training institute, 1990
  • Dipl. Life and social counselor, WIFI Vienna, 1993-1995
  • Terminal care, Caritas Hospiz - mobile team, 1994
  • Course in meditation and meditative elements in working with groups with Christine Porstner, 1997-1998
  • Trainer for the economy including education management, AQUA Institute, 2000
  • Course for business coaching, Institute Rhetorik in Action, Vienna, 2000/2001
  • Course on Nonviolence - Peace Work and Conflicts, IVB Vienna, 2001
  • Systemic psychotherapy and counseling with children, adolescents and their parents
    VPA Vienna (Association for psychosocial + psychotherapeutic training, further education and training)
    January 2006 - May 2008
  • Generational Academy course, 2014-2015
  • TLI Toddler Education, July 2015
  • IGFB: “What's wrong with mom?” Dealing with children of mentally ill parents, Oct. 2015
  • SAFE mentor training with Prof. Karl-Heinz Brisch, Nov. Dec. 2016
  • Compliance with the recommended training even in Corona times


Commercial activities
(1971-1993), including 10 years in Paris

  • Administration and payroll accounting, Vienna, 1971-1972
  • Foreign language correspondent and management assistant in Paris, 1973-1982
  • Executive and rectorate assistant, export clerk in Vienna 1983-1993

Psychosocial activity
With a trade license for life and social counseling, since 1996

  • Individual, couple and family counseling
  • Individual and team coaching:
    Person-centered advice with a systemic approach and elements from NLP
  • Seminar and lecture activities:
    Main focus of work: communication, conflicts, upbringing, partnership, separation / divorce
  • Parent education: Creator of the ABC-Elternführerschein® and ABC-Babyführerschein® protected seminar concept with trademark protection - funded by the Ministry of Family Affairs (BM for Family and Youth)
  • Founding and management of the "Elternwerkstatt" association, Vienna (1999-2016)


  • Further training for family helpers, Caritas 2003
  • BFI-Ried, training for speech therapists: practice-oriented communication: 2006 - 2007
  • Guest speaker: Lower Austria University of Education
  • Head of the advanced training course for parent trainers with a focus on ABC parenting license® 2005-2016

Publications, among others

  • Column "Education tips" since 1999 in various Austrian regional newspapers
  • Radio editor:: monthly Lebenshilfe broadcasts: 1999-2005
  • "Education is (not) child's play" Volume 1, 2008, Edition TIPS
  • "Nonviolent, but not powerless: Education with heart, mind and leadership skills, 2012, Ennsthaler Verlag
  • "Education is (not) child's play" Volume 2, 2013, Edition TIPS
  • "Lovingly setting boundaries for children", GU (Gräfe and Unzer) One
  • Educational article / blog also available www.meinefamlie.at

Foreign languages ​​and other skills:

  • Advice and lectures also in English and French
  • Basic knowledge: Spanish, Italian, Hungarian
  • Driver's license group B, PC user skills: Word, Access, Excel, Photoshop

Private preferences

  • Nature and music to enjoy and recharge, family, friends, philosophy, religion
  • Dancing, hiking, cycling, gymnastics