Separation / divorce

Whatever your reason for breaking up, this man, this woman, is the father, mother of your child. No matter what hurts or deficiencies seem unbearable to you: Treat your past love with respect and appreciation, for the sake of your child.

When relationships fail, parents are challenged in several ways:

  • To cope with your own disappointments, fear of loss and failure and to realign your own existence
  • To be a support for your children who need parental attention and security more than ever now.

In order to manage this balancing act well, the Ministry of Family Affairs (BMFJ) and the Ministry of Justice (BMJ) have taken new measures to ensure the best interests of the child:

Advice in accordance with Section 95, Paragraph 1 and Section 107, Paragraph 3, item 1 of the Non-Disputes Act.

Recognition of aptitude in the case of consensual and disputed divorce by the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Cost for couples: € 100 / hour



Seminar offer: children of divorce and stepfamilies

For blended families, single parents, stepfathers / mothers, visiting parents
The content is specially tailored to the individual needs of the participants.