"The key to any good relationship is clear communication and respect for the personality and individuality of the other."
Thomas Gordon

Background and history of origin

ABC parent driving license
Right at the beginning of my advisory activity, I also offered educational advice in the form of seminars. The focus was and is on strengthening parental leadership skills and appreciative communication between parents with their children and with one another. That is why my seminars are always communication training, in which we develop theoretical content with very specific case studies. You also have the opportunity to reflect on and refine your own communication behavior.

Over the years I have developed the seminar concept that I developed "ABC Parent Driving License®" called, whose structure and pedagogical basis you will find in my Book “Nonviolent, but not powerless - Education with heart, mind and leadership skills " can read. Because this is a protected concept, it is only allowed by Parent trainers specially trained in the parents' workshop mediated.

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ABC BABY driving license
Before children can defy and contradict (usually the trigger for attending a parents' seminar), a lot has already happened in their life. That is why I developed the ABC baby driver's license together with two colleagues (Veronika Lippert and Gabriele Kobleder) in 2013.

Communication training for the partnership
The basis for a successful upbringing is a good relationship between the parents. That is why I always offer "communication training for partnership" on request.


ABC Parents Driving License®

ABC BABY driving license

Sex education? Family thing!

“You don't understand me!” Communication training for partnerships, part I.

"Arguing needs to be learned!" Communication training for partnerships, part II


ABC Parent Driving License® - From the feedback from our participants

“Since I've learned to listen actively, my child has spared me a lot of defiant reactions because they feel emotionally understood. It can also accept my limits better. "

“I'm glad I came with you. Not only is it good for my relationship with the children, but I am now also able to understand my wife better. "

“My son is pretty closed off. I didn't realize that this had to do with my way of drilling. By using active listening, I notice how it slowly thaws and our relationship becomes much looser and more trusting. "

“I've learned to differentiate myself better. My children think it's “really cool” and dance less around me. "

“I always believed that I had to be a super mother and at times felt overwhelmed. Now I know that I can stand by my mistakes and weaknesses without my children losing respect. "

“I tended to offer a solution to every problem. Now I'm trying to withdraw more and let my 4 year old son develop his own ideas. I am amazed at how competent and self-confident he becomes. "

"It's exciting - and has a total effect."

"I don't leave the upbringing of my children to chance - because I don't want to take 18 years to figure out what I've done wrong."

Father: “With the ABC parenting license I learned to combine knowledge with my intuition. I have become more secure, relaxed and clear with my children because I have learned to listen better and talk to them. It's amazing how sensible children can be if you trust them and embody loving authority. "

“I am so glad that we were in your course back then, because it was so good for us overall, also for our partnership. We now get along much better with the children and we are good at talking about educational issues because we now have a common ground. "

A participant after attending the ABC parents' license reports: Yesterday at 7.00:8 a.m. my XNUMX-year-old son came and told me that he doesn't like going to school today and he hates Mondays. That's unusual for him because he usually loves going to school very, very much. I came under pressure for a moment, but then I was able to use active listening very calmly and calmly: Christopher was able to clarify and express what torments and depresses him because of today. We were able to find solutions together and in the end he went to school relieved, happy and voluntary, without me having to exert any pressure or use “persuasion”. Our conversation lasted barely ten minutes. I am thrilled that active listening works so well and is so helpful!


"For a good trip through life with children!"