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Maria Neuberger-Schmidt
Upbringing is (not) child's play, Band 1
1st edition 2008 out of print, now as eBook (only in Dutch at the moment) available:
Edition TIPS, ISBN 978-3-85358-014-1, € 12,90
Education tips: case studies, prepared in a practical and humorous way. In just a few minutes, you will get valuable suggestions that you can put into practice right away.
This book was written on the basis of many years of demand as a result of her editorial work as a columnist.

upbringing is no child's play cover volume 1

Maria Neuberger-Schmidt
Upbringing is (not) child's play, Band 2
Edition TIPS Linz, Nov. 2013: 14,8 × 21,5cm, 2-colored, flap brochure
ISBN 978-3-85358-021-9, 200 pages, € 14,90
Like Volume 1, Volume 2 is also divided into chapters and lovingly illustrated by Eugen Kment. A competent and useful reference work, even for those who are short on time to read.

upbringing is no child's play cover volume 2

Maria Neuberger-Schmidt
Nonviolent, but not powerless
Education with heart, mind and leadership skills
Ennsthaler Verlag, Steyr, March 2012, 2nd edition 2013
ISBN 978-3-85068-891-8, 334 pages, € 21,90
The book for the ABC parenting license®
This book is considered a standard pedagogical work. It contains the basics of successful pedagogy and imparts key communication skills, with a wealth of practical examples.

non-violent but not powerless cover

Maria Neuberger-Schmidt
Lovingly setting boundaries for children
Gräfe und Unzer Verlag, "Der kleine Coach" series, Aug. 2014, 2nd edition
ISBN 978-3-8338-3393-9, 128 pages, € 13,40
Helpful guide with competence and common sense. You will learn what type of upbringing you are and quickly get an overview of what is important in the nursery and how you can implement it.

children lovingly setting boundaries cover