ABC baby driver's license

ABC baby driver's license 45kb

For a good start to the family adventure
for parents-to-be and young parents.
Set the right course safely and stress-free right from the start.

The birth of a child is a decisive experience for young mothers and fathers that can turn their previous life upside down.

Birth preparation, midwife and pediatrician, they are all there for you. But who will tell you how to live life safely and stress-free with your adored baby?

The ABC baby driver's license© with a focus on educational and developmental psychology from 0 to 18 months offers you practical and psychologically sound tools so that the time with your baby becomes the most beautiful time in your life.


  • Welcome new family member!
  • The development from 0 -18 months
  • The 3 baskets principle: parents as managers
  • The psycho-emotional triangle
  • Baby's needs
  • Basic trust and a secure bond
  • From the symbiosis to independence and self-awareness
  • Body language and non-verbal communication
  • Say no and set limits - from when?
  • Playing and "playing"
  • Create rituals and rhythms
  • Structures and time management: baby and job, baby and partnership
  • Addition to the family: sibling rivalry and jealousy
  • Parents team and co-educators
  • As well as plenty of space for individual questions and an exchange of experiences

The ABC baby driver's license© was developed by Mag. Maria Neuberger-Schmidt, Veronika Lippert and Mag. Gabriele Kobleder and is protected by copyright. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth (bmfj).

For a good start to the family adventure!

Parent education costs: Basic training in 18 units

€ 220 per person
€ 380 for couples
These reduced costs are possible thanks to funding from the Ministry of Family Affairs (bmfj).

When used as Further education for pedagogues, educators, child nurses: € 450,00
Subsidy in the context of WAFF, AMS, etc. are possible according to personal requirements. We are happy to support you with your applications. More details on the various funding options:

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