"I have enough. I go!"

Once upon a time, after a marriage conflict: the woman gets up, goes into the anteroom, puts on her coat, puts on the hat and angrily says to her husband: "Toni, I've had enough, I'll go!" Then Toni says: "Is right, Luise, I'll come with you! ”Luise had to laugh, undressed again and stayed.

Defuse crises with humor

Why do I like this scene? Because it shows that in a charged conflict situation it can often be helpful to leave the level of "animal seriousness". Give in with humor: humane, kind, philosophical. It provides the pause needed to calm the mind. Apparent indulgence in order to put what connects people in the foreground, personal appreciation and affection beyond the content of the dispute.

With some distance, some conflicts no longer seem so important.

Did I understand my partner's concerns correctly at all? Do I have to assert myself at all costs? Sometimes it is enough to simply accept opposing views, with understanding and tolerance. If not, it is good to continue negotiating at a later stage until an agreement can be reached. It's nice to take each other seriously, but also to be able to laugh with and at each other.

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